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Who We Are

Offering Award-Winning Wellness Solutions

Sanga Wellness is a Leading Provider of Health and Wellness Programs and Services designed to help Individuals and Companies Achieve Optimal Health.

We spesialise in the implementation and customised delivery of Workplace Wellness solutions in South Africa & Africa and the Middle East – from small to large businesses.

Our Services include:

* Wellness Consulting: Helping companies implement workable health & wellness solutions that is a win-win situation for all.

* Wellness Solutions: Design and implement complete corporate health & wellness solutions for employers who want wellness to be a successful business strategy.

* Wellness Coaching: Online health coaching to your employees that is geared towards behavioural change of all participants and saving costs.

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Our Core Values are:

We deliver results not just activities. Active engagement in programs is essential for the overall health & well-being of individuals and organisations. This requires the right combination of program design, infrastructure, communication, and collaboration – with a partner you can count on.

Sanga Wellness Directors:

Dr Martin Combrinck (PhD)

Executive Director: Sanga Wellness

Dr Martin is a Workplace Wellness Architect – helping Employees to adopt and maintain healthy behaviours. As the CEO of Sanga Wellness, Dr. Martin offers wellness services and solutions to the corporate environment. He is also the Director of the Wellness Council of SA (WELLCOSA), a national recognised corporate wellness certification body.

Sanga Wellness is the exclusive partner of WellSteps in Africa – an award winning program and one of America’s best Corporate Wellness Programs

He is also known as The Laughter Doctor and is a pioneer and advocate of Alternative Medicine and Personal Transformation. Martin’s approach is from a mindfulness perspective and he uses Laughter Therapy as the tool to educate people that joyfulness and wellness is a conscious choice for each and every individual.

Dr. Martin lectures and teaches mind-body and wellness related modalities, nationally and internationally.

Thian Combrinck

Strategic Director: Sanga Risk

Thian Combrinck (MA/MBA) has more than 30 years of experience in management consulting, education, organisational resilience and risk management and has been involved in different sectors (Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Training & Education, Mining, Trading, Security).

He has been a founding partner of Ubar Mining International, IRCA Middle East, Quantico Investments, The BidBid Group and GVK Global.

Thian is currently based in the Middle East and held a number of executive and non-executive board positions in the MENA region. He will spearhead the business development drive of Sanga Wellness in the region, building on existing relationship and business networks.




Thian Combrinck