Coach Application

Apply to be a Health/Wellness Coach at Sanga Wellness

  • Do you wish you could coach all day from the comfort of your own home without having to do any marketing to get your own clients?
  • Do you want to work as a health/wellness coach for Sanga Wellness with complete job flexibility and eager clients dying to get coached by you?



We Have that Opportunity for You!

We are hiring Health/Wellness Coaches for our corporate clients. If you are a coach who knows how to hold space and understands how to use the self coaching model, we would love to hire you on a part time basis.

We expect the highest level of coaching, absolute professionalism, and a love for clients and contribution. All work is done on a contract basis from the comfort of your own home.

We train you on how to manage a full roster of clients and make sure you are giving the highest level of quality and service.

You earn 75% of all the coaching fees. This opportunity is what you’ve been waiting for. Don’t miss it.
We provide You with Clients – You do what You do Best  – COACH!

Coach Application – Go Here

You’d be Perfect if You:
  • Love serving clients.
  • Commit to this as your main focus (not side hustle).
  • Want to focus solely on coaching and not on marketing to get clients.
  • Always deliver your best.
  • Have an abundant mindset.
  • Are willing to fail.
  • Provide value and support.
  • Constantly apply yourself.
  • Have a growth mindset.

As a Coach, Your Responsibilities include:

  • Coaching clients and maintaining client load based on contract expectations.
  • Managing coaching calendar with flexibility for client requests.
  • Synthesise set programs, worksheets, and tools for effective client sessions.
  • Continue to learn and grow.
  • Incorporate developmental suggestions and feedback.
  • Maintain efficient client notes.
  • Coach using Zoom and similar platforms.
  • Communicate with clients when required via email and other coaches/managers.
  • Be open to change and be flexible.
  • Commit to a regular self coaching practice.
  • Be open to opportunities to coach groups, teach classes and/or webinars.
  • Attend quarterly meetings ready to learn and contribute.

To Apply for this Coaching Position, You must meet the following Requirements:

  • Provide your credentials as a qualified Coach.
  • Registered with a recognised Coaching body.
  • Commit to coaching using Sanga Wellness tools.
  • Know how to use necessary technology platforms (Zoom, Dropbox, LMS system)
  • Adhere to professionalism – represent Sanga Wellness in a professional manner.
  • Coach using program plans.
  • Support of the cultural manifesto (mission and core values).


At Sanga Wellness, we have a lot of fun, are always learning, and believe in growing. We offer job flexibility, location independent work, and a full client load without any marketing on your end. When you join Sanga Wellness Coaching we consider you part of the team.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  You can coach from the comfort of your own home. There’s no better job than this.

You earn 75% of all the coaching fees. This opportunity is what you’ve been waiting for. Don’t miss it.