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Benefits of Using a Coach

As healthcare costs continue to rise for organisations of all sizes, HR teams are constantly looking for new ways to lower costs while keeping employees healthy.

Health coaching is an effective and increasingly popular way to achieve healthy outcomes and bring down costs. Making a conscious investment in employee health can also drive employees to be more involved in their wellness choices, which in turn can also lower costs.

Sanga Wellness has been successful at health coaching because we carefully control how we coach the right people at the right time. We ask employees with elevated health risks if they would want some help and whether they would be willing to work with a health coach. This saves cost and time.

coach benefits

Health & Wellness Coaching is a great first step for any organisation looking to put the health of Employees at the forefront of its mission – and here’s why:

Impacts Chronic Conditions

When combined with other wellness initiatives, such as regular physician visits and exercise, health coaching can positively impact chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension. Health coaches are trained to work one-on-one with patients and tailor information, programs, and recommendations directly to their specific use case.

Increases Employee Engagement

Health coaches help employees understand the ‘why’ behind onsite care and drive engagement in the program. This translates to more one-off workplace initiatives, such as fitness, stress relief, and healthy eating. Coaches can help employees understand the logic and reasoning behind these wellness efforts.

Makes People Comfortable with Their Health

When health, wellness, and lifestyle coaching is part of the everyday vernacular at an organization, employees are more open and comfortable with their health habits. It becomes a normal topic of conversation and engagement, which can increase employee satisfaction and forge close co-worker bonds and relationships.

The overall goal of Health Coaching is to obtain sustained behavioral change, especially for those with chronic diseases or for those looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle.


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