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Free Online Laughter Therapy

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Date:  9 June 2020

Time:  12:00

Duration:  20 Minutes

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Fight Covid-19 with Laughter Every Day

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In the current  scenario, where the world is yet to find a permanent solution to the COVID-19. Everyone should work on boosting the immune system and laughter is a great therapy. It can do wonders in strengthening the immune system. Laughter yoga boosts our immune cells and infection fighting antibodies.

Laughter is a good for the respiratory system as it open lungs. Laughter increases the lung capacity by ensuring controlled and forced breathing. It further increases the ventilation of 30% of alveolus (air sacs in lungs), which are usually not functioning in normal breathing.

Health experts are trying to explore natural and effective ways to improve the ability to fight the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV2. = Laughter Therapy can help!

Dr Martin is a Workplace Wellness Architect – helping Employees to adopt and maintain healthy behaviours. He is also known as The Laughter Doctor and is a pioneer and advocate of Alternative Medicine and Personal Transformation. Martin’s approach is from a mindfulness perspective and he uses Laughter Therapy as the tool to educate people that joyfulness and wellness is a conscious choice for each and every individual.

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